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A Reduction in SUV Prices: Here are the Best Offers

The sport and the SUVs full of amazing features are making the seniors sell outdated vehicles and enjoy everything a capable and modern vehicle can provide. According to, the people in America are in love with SUVs, and the report says that SUVs will justify the reason for all sales of new vehicles in the US in 2019.  

Also, these cars have a lot of amazing features that provide you with matchless security of the driver, and unique experience when driving, no matter what your age is. 

Here, we are going to talk about the top five SUVs for seniors in 2019. 

As compared to the old models of vehicles, the modern SUV is more stable and more significant with the best power. Additionally, the SUVs have high seats and big windows, and it makes driving them safer and more comfortable. You should be thankful for the increased visibility. 

We have created this list for you, and you can also do some research on your own!

For a touch of Luxury: Acura RDX

Starting cost: 37,400 dollars

The new RDX resumes the tradition of Acura of making it amazing aesthetically and above all, the consistent cars. The shiny SUV has great features and a great value at a very reasonable price. 

For the Adventurous: Subaru Forester

Starting cost: 24,295 dollars

You must go for purchasing a Subaru Forester if you are searching for adventure, regardless of your age. AWD is the standard feature of every Forester, which can easily adaptable to any territory, and is ready for any driver. This SUV has lower doors and wide openings to assist seniors in getting in and out quickly, along with the alerts for a driver monitoring system, rear cameras, and blind-spots. 

For the Family: Honda CRV

Starting cost: 24,450 dollars

When Honda is mentioned, dependability is the first thing that can come to the mind of people, and the same extends to the CRV. The Honda SUV has multiple spaces inside, safety features, and premium infotainment that make driving around friends and family secure, fun, and easy. 

For Those Craving Comfort: Buick Enclave

Starting cost: 53,500 dollars

It comes out on the priority in terms of design, space for cargo, and reliability. In this model, there were no corners cut, so it provides you with a silent and spirited ride as compared to its competitors. 

For a Timeless SUV, Volvo V90

Starting cost: 51,450 dollars

If you know that things can get better with the passage for time, Volvo V90 is the timeless SUV. It has a lot of best standard features, for instance, cooling and heating in the AWS and seats and amazing touch. Usually, you can get the best safety system full of unique features lining with the history of the brand of Volvo.

If any senior member of the family is searching for the SUV, you can ask them to choose any of the top 5 SUV models, or you can also get one of them yourself. Among the best, some of the local dealers will provide you with an excellent incentive for driving one out the car lots. You may get amazed by how affordable some of them are.