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Best Mattresses You Should Buy in 2020

If you are not getting enough sleep at night, it is time to go for buying a new mattress. You can change the mattress after seven years, or when you start feeling pains, aches, or stiffness, as per reported to the Sleep Council. The other signs involve not sleeping as before or observing that you sleep better in the other beds. 

Usually, the renowned mattress was the pocket-sprung, in which there is the sewing of springs into separate fabric pockets. However, a new generation of vacuum-packed, bed-in-a-box mattresses is there, mainly made of latex, foam, or both.

You may have seen a lot of mattresses available online, but you cannot try them. A solution for this problem is a trial period, generally consists of 100 nights; however, you can also ask for a refund by sending them mattress back. 

Don’t forget that your bed frame and mattress must need to work in the tandem; hence you can also check what type of mattresses will work best with the base of your bed. Also, the filling plays an essential part as they offer different warmth options, comfort, and properties – and remember to see the tensions and thickness - both can differ significantly. 

According to a research in Sleep Council, the bed with the right space, comfort, and support will make sure that you move around less and less troubled with your partner and less probable to wake up feeling aching or tired. Let’s talk about the best mattresses that you can buy this year of 2020. 

Emma Original Mattress

Price: 649£

Material: Memory foam

Mattress depth: 25 cm

Sizes: Super king, king, double, small double, and single

Guarantee: 10 years

Trial period: 100 nights

It is the second version of this famous German-made foam mattress of three layers. It includes a different type of foam to the likes of Leesa, Casper, Simba, and Eve that the maker declares is long-lasting. 

Additionally, this mattress is more comfortable to the other mattresses, it has ore bounce, and it is easy to turn over on – with least chances of irritating your partner. There is also a washable cover present with the mattress. 

Eve the prime mattress

Price: 899£

Material: Memory foam

Mattress depth: 28 cm

Sizes: Super king, king, and double

Guarantee: 10 years

Trial period: 100 nights

This mattress has only initiated and joined the already present light, hybrid, and original mattresses from Eve. At first, you may worry that it is extra spongy and soft; it only requires sleep at one night to see how best it is, particularly for your shoulders and hips. 

There is a single layer of foam on the top, known as ‘float foam’, although the three other layers of foam offer the scaffolding. And, there no dipping in the middle and the things shift to your shape as you start moving. 

The Nectar memory foam mattress

Price: 699£

Material: Memory foam

Mattress depth: 28 cm

Sizes: Super king, king, double, small double, and single

Guarantee: Lifetime

Trial period: 365 nights

There is a 365-trial period at night, which means you have an entire year to see what is best for you, and there is a lifetime guarantee. Nectar Sleep stands out for being the best, and the only UK mattress, which is climate-neutral – all the emissions are offset through multiple global schemas. 

The mattress comprises of the three foam layers; it is especially great for the back and front sleepers, as well as lighter and smaller people. 

Casper the essential mattress

Price: 400£

Material: Memory foam

Mattress depth: 18 cm

Sizes: Super king, king, double, small double, and single

Guarantee: 10 years

Trial period: 100 nights

Casper is the world-famous name in the mattresses world of bed-in-a-boxes. During the last years, you can get the flagship mattresses, but now they have started their new versions. It is an excellent choice for the people who are looking for a long-lasting, comfortable, and firm mattress, having a pocket-friendly price. 

This mattress is best as it supports you in all the right places, mainly if you sleep on your back (it makes finding the best mattress extra tricky). 

Dormeo S plus memory foam mattress

Price: 399£

Material: Memory foam and customizable layer

Mattress depth: 20 cm

Sizes: Super king, king, double, and single

Guarantee: 15 years

Trial period: 60 nights

If there are different ideas of you and your partner about a soft or firm mattress, then this mattress is for you. There are two separate cores of this mattress, which arrived vacuumed and rolled, it can be flipped and rotated independently; hence you can get a softer or firmer feel. 

In other words, this mattress is highly personalized, and you get no slippage or gap between the two cores. Also, it is lightweight and works best if you are looking for a mattress on a budget. 

These are the best mattresses you can go for buying this year. Do your own research and choose wisely which mattress suits you the best.