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Introducing Plan G: Medicare is Changing for 2020

Did you ever focus on the latest Medicare News? There is a significant alteration coming for 2020, and the old adults need to know what is trending. During the enrollment, Medicare keeps changing from year to year. However, for 2020, one of the significant changes to happen is taking place to Medicare 0 and the individual who is enrolling or altering the plan during the open enrollment period of 2019 requires to be aware. 

While you are a current or a new subscriber of Medicare, the changes in Medicare are taking place in 2020 may affect the healthcare costs, supplement plan options, and coverage. It is the reason why it is essential to know what changes are happening and how that can impact you directly. 

And, during the open enrollment period of 2019, a significant change is happening to Medicare Supplement plans. 

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

It is not easy to understand Medicare. And, one of the most complex and necessary thing – pieces of Medicare is the supplement insurance. 

The Medigap, or Medicare Supplement insurance plans as they are also called, are the policies of insurance sold by the private firms. Though Medicare covers a lot of healthcare costs of the seniors, it does not need each need, which can leave to paying costly bills for the subscribers. It is the reason a lot of people prefer buying the Medicare Supplement insurance, which gives extra coverage behind the basic Medicare. 

The subscribers of Medicare can make alterations and shop around the plans of Medicare Supplement during the open enrollment every year. Different ideas of supplement offer different levels of coverage and different costs; that’s why it is essential to reconsider the Medigap plan yearly. 

How Are Medicare Supplement Plans Varying in 2020?

Significant variations are coming to the Medicare Supplement insurance for 2020. The accessible options of the supplement will be fluctuating – and the new subscribers of Medicare will be confined to what they can prefer. 

The Medicare Supplement Plan C, Medicare Supplement Plan F High-Deductible, and Medicare Supplement Plan F have been the staples of Medicare for many years. But, you must be thankful for the changes offered by Congress, the three options of supplement insurance are deteriorating. 

Plan C, Plan F High-Deductible, and Plan F will no longer be offered to the new subscribers of Medicare. You cannot buy these plans if you are eligible for the Medicare initiating on 1st January 2020 or the later dates. 

However, there is a piece of great news for the new subscribers of Medicare who will become qualified on 1st January. Plan G is the introduction of an option of a brand-new supplement. 

What is Plan G?

Medicare Supplement Plan G High-Deductible or the Medicare Plan G will be announced on 1st January 2020. 

Plan G is intended to replace the supplement plans that are going to disappear in 2020. However, it is not the same as Plan C, Plan F High-Deductible, and Plan F. 

If you select adding the Medicare Plan G to your insurance coverage of health, you can go for a supplement that is same to the Plan F. For a small yearly deductible; you will come to know the complete coverage of all the gaps present in the Medicare’s coverage. 

Are You Eligible for Plan G?

With the withdrawal of Medicare Supplement Plan C, Plan F High-Deductible, and Plan F, a lot of subscriber of Medicare are concerned that their coverage will vary. But, you just need to know while you are eligible for Plan G or not - or if you can keep the same Medigap plan. 

If you are already a subscriber of Medicare, your plan can be the same if you can like. Any individual who is enrolled in the Medicare Part A by 31st December 2019 and Plan C, Plan F High-Deductible and Plan F can keep the supplemental insurance. 

If you do not subscribe for Medicare till 1st Jan, 2020 or later, you cannot sign up for Medicare Plan C, Plan F High-Deductible, and Plan F. However, you can apply for Plan G. 

Simply, the new subscribers of Medicare can get the Plan G High-Deductible. However, if you are already a subscriber of Medigap, you can still alter the coverage. During the open enrolment, you can shop around and check other options under Plan C and Plan F. it means that each senior on Medicare must do the research and check the possibilities. You don’t know how the coverage can alter – or if you can save the money through adjusting the Medicare Supplement insurance.