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Remodeling Your Bathroom: All You Need to Know

The smallest room in the house is the bathroom. However, remodeling this room is among the significant projects with multiple essential points to think before you are going to make a start. 

Defining what needs to be done and what can be according to the budget can leave a lot of people overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. Here are some of the guidelines designed to assist you in planning your job of remodeling bathroom more careful hence you can get the outcome you are looking for with less expense, less effort and less time. 

What to Consider Before Starting Bathroom Remodeling Job

A bathroom is a personal space where some of the people spend a significant amount of their time. For that, most owners of home focus that this space must be a mix of functional and beautiful as well. Let us talk about the basic things that you must know before taking the bathroom remodeling project. 

Finalize Your Budget

Your budget plays an essential role in the planning process when it comes to talking about big projects like the remodeling bathroom. The experts suggest that the owners of a home must keep their budget for this kind of job to almost 10 percent of the total value of the house for a beautiful bath remodeling or 5 percent of the total amount of the home for half-bath remodeling.

Do Not Reinvent the Wheel if Possible

If the original layout of the bathroom can remain the same way as it is and kept fully functional, it is suitable to do so. It will reduce the total rate of the bathroom while giving a modern and fresh look that makes every person feels more comfortable. If there are severe functional issues in the layout, the cost of altering the design can be a part of your budget. 

Areas of Emphasis When Remodeling a Bathroom

A lot of us spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom daily. For busy parents, it may include bathing the kids or assisting them to toilet train them. The process of makeup and doing hair also takes a significant portion of time for a lot of women as well. The other people like unwinding at the end of their day with a long bath and excellent novel, spending many hours in the bathroom. So, here are four essential areas while doing the remodeling job of the bathroom.


It is essential to think of toilet habits of all members of the family who are planning to use the bathroom being remodeled hence they can make a proper decision according to the choice of equipment and hardware. Here are some questions that you can consider related to the bathroom toilet.

  • How many individuals plan to use the toilet in this particular bathroom?
  • How much time does each individual spend using the toilet regularly?
  • Can improvements be made according to the area’s ventilation?
  • Is the toilet in the private area or can be the addition to the toilet room be a decent investment?
  • Is the already present toilet old, what are the issues, or does it have other problems that are affecting its functionality?

When it comes to the toilet, another thing to consider is privacy, and it is right for a master bathroom. If more than one individuals are in the bathroom at the same time, it is good to make a partition around the toilet or to create a toilet room that is separate from the remaining part. 


The sink is the essential item to consider as it is used regularly. A lot of females prefer to have a lot of space around the tub to place their products and cosmetics that can use daily. In the setting of a master bathroom, think while you and your partner can use the bathroom to get ready at the same time. 

For this situation, a lot of families like to have a double sink so that both can use water or get ready at the same time. Extra storage space and dual sinks can add almost 500 dollars to 2,000 dollars to your budget. 


The same things can be applied to the bathtub space and bath. While looking at while the related expenses are essential or excessive, it all depends on your habits of using. 

  • How much do members in the family prefer bath as compared to showers? 
  • Is more space required? 

An independent walk-in, a standalone bathtub, and a shower intended for soaking is the way to increase comfort and pleasure and reduce the frustration of the process of bathing. 


You can save a significant amount of money when considering the bathroom tiles. You can go for porcelain tiles as compared to the natural stone. Both offer long-lasting and beautiful results; however, natural stones cost more than porcelain. 

You can save almost 1,500 dollars while opting for porcelain tile for a normal-sized bathroom. 

It is a big job to plan the remodeling job of a bathroom that may seem frustrating and overwhelming. Through proper planning, it is possible to make the best decisions that are within your budget and give a new look to your bathroom.