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Scalp Micropigmentation: All You Need to Know

The Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the new technique intended to give the appearance of the full head of hair without including surgery. The results provide a natural look, and it is safe. Moreover, the process needs no time for recovery or maintenance. 

If you want to have a look for a thick, and full head of hair without including surgery, we have discussed everything here which you need to know about the process of SMP.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

The scalp micro-pigmentation includes using ink to the scalp for creating millions of minute impressions to look at the hair. Every feeling seems like a hair follicle. The effect of the process is attractive, low-maintenance, and realistic that a lot of individuals are selecting it even beginning to experience baldness or thinning hair. It is, particularly right for men. 

In scalp micro-pigmentation, the ink used is the proprietary formulation made for this purpose. The professional practitioners apply it. They use the micro-fine needles for creating the illusion of hair so that it is same as the artist’s using of stippling for rendering a particular pattern. 

Sometimes, SMP is regarded as a hair tattoo as the way ink is applied. But, the expertise, mechanisms, tools, and techniques included are preferably more advanced as compared to those needed for tattooing.

The Advantages of SMP

As compared to the medical procedures, SMP is a non-surgical process using the tattoo-based cover-up for creating the illusion of the thick hair. It needs no maintenance and can be treated in the same way as the natural hair.

One of the benefits of SMP includes making the individual look younger, which can increase the self-esteem of a person. But, there are several other advantages mentioned here:

  • Thicken the look of hair and definition of hairline
  • No time for recovery; there can be some scalp redness following the process;
  • Uses no chemicals;
  • Very reasonable when compared to the other methods such as hair transplants;
  • Can be finished in two or three sessions;
  • Requires no incisions

Is It Hurting?

In most of the situations, the pain linked with SMP is negligible. For getting rid of pain, the experts use a numbing agent before starting the process.

A lot of individuals say that this method pains less as compared to getting the traditional tattoo. But, it must be noted that specific parts of the scalp are more delicate than others.

Also, SMP is less painful in comparison with the hair transplant. When it comes to taking about the hair transplant, there is the removal of hair from a part of the scalp and transplant to the other region where there is thin hair. The process is done on the outpatient basis with the local anaesthesia. During that time, the person may feel a minor pricking sensation. But, when there is wearing off local anaesthesia, the persons may feel a substantial amount of pain and have to take medications of anxiety for some days. On the other hand, SMP patients only feel mild discomfort for a short period. 

What Is It Used For?

There is a common misapprehension that SMP is used for treating balding and hair loss. There are a lot of uses for the process.

Thicken the Look of Hair

Some people wish that their hair is thicker even though some people have not lost their hair. In this way, making it appear that they have a full head of hair. 

SMP can offer that appearance while a person has thinning hair, long hair, or short hair. 

Add Definition to Hairline

In addition to restoring the front hairline for partially or fully bald heads, the process of scalp micro-pigmentation can increase the definition of the rear, side and front hairlines. For the people who love a shaved-head look, SMP can offer that appears beside the look of the buzz cut. 

Cosmetic Correction

The process of SMP is best at hiding skin defects and scars. It involves scared from the birthmarks, burns, accidents, and previous surgical procedures. Additionally, it can be used for protecting the bald patches that seem after shaving the head and after setting the botched hair loss processes. 

How to Find the Best SMP Professional?

You must need to choose SMP expert to get the best treatment for your condition. The same thing goes for any other profession as well. 

As the SMP is the long-lasting process, you will need to check out the reputation and experience of any professional that you consider. An excellent way to do that is to see the testimonials of the clients. A right clinic will work best for you where the practitioner will try to know the needs, after which they can provide you with a solution to your problems of hair loss.