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Which Concealers Are a Girl’s Best Friend?

A great concealer is similar to a magic stick. These products are intended for covering the flaws through layering your face with a cosmetic that suits the tone of your skin. Even, some of these can offer additional benefits, such as infusing your face or drying out pimples with moisture. 

You cannot spot the best concealer when you use it on the skin. You need someone to note that you have the best skin. There is no need to tell people that you are using concealer. Here are some easy to use, versatile, and effective concealers that you can get at less than 30 dollars.


You can use this concealer for contouring or covering the flaws of your face. It is best to cover the dark circles, and the maker states that it will not flake off or crease. It offers a matte finish. However, this concealer is like a cream and mixed well into the skin without appearing like a mask. 

The Tarte products are vegan and built without sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or parabens. The best-quality formula of this product consists of mango seed and shea butter, which nurture your skin. 

It is not an inexpensive drugstore product. The cost of this concealer is about 27 dollars for a tube of .33 ounce on the website. But, there is no need to use a primer before using the product. It can save you money as well. 


  • Matte finish
  • Full coverage
  • Different contouring options
  • Easy to blend
  • Comes into 30 colors


  • You need to purchase the tubes of lighter and darker shades to use for contouring
  • Highest price point
  • Feels heavy if you use a lot at once


Elle has talked about this concealer as it is ‘Photoshop in one tube.’ There are 12 shades of this product, which include lavender and green for correcting colors. 

This concealer is universal, not too thick or too thin. Hence, you can create layers of coverage on the parts that require more focus. 

At almost 4.99 dollars, you can buy a 0.11-ounce tube; it is quite a reasonable concealer as compared to multiple other products present on the market. 


  • Cruelty-free product
  • Easy to layer
  • Does not crease for most of the users


  • May have orange hue on some of the tones of the skin
  • Dries fast, it means you need mixing it quickly, and it dries out even in the tube


The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer won the Allure Reader’s Choice Award and appeared in 22 hues. It consists of high pigmentation. However, its medium formula makes you a light feel. You can use it on the parts which have more flaws. 

As compared to different concealers, which result in fine lines, this product focuses on removing the appearance of wrinkles. The formula of mineral powder spreads light to even out uneven spots and brightens the skin. There is a botanical present in the product that assists in decreasing redness, firming the skin, and moisturizing. 

The price of this concealer is 30 dollars for a .22 ounce tube. 


  • Easy to layer and lightweight
  • Comes in a diversity of colors
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • It does not include phthalates, parabens, and sulfates


  • May not last on long on greasy skin
  • May dry to the cakey finish. 


This concealer is light in weight, and it is best for the individual who wants a no-makeup and natural appearance. It stays where you apply it; it means you can use quite less quantity to a mark, and it will mix well with least blending.

Well! It does not offer the full coverage that the Tarte and NARS concealers provide. A few users state that this concealer blends best with the sponge as compared to mixing the brush or fingers. 

The cost of this product is approximately 29 dollars for a .16 ounce tube, considering it among the costly ones in the review. 


  • Brightening formula
  • Easy to mix
  • Lightweight


  • Not full coverage
  • Some people say that its color changes to orange after some hours of using
  • Only 14 options of colors


All the products mentioned above we have involved in the article are all liquid. But, this concealer is a stick having a creamy formula, which is not too thick. It is highly pigmented; it makes it best for covering the imperfections. But, this concealer does not look real if it does not suit your skin tone well. 

The mineral formula is intended to be mild on the face, even if you have acne. While it offers decent coverage, you will not feel heavy. Also, it matches the mineral foundation of the brand well.

The stem extracts of the bamboo of the product make the fine lines smooth, and the botanicals oils hydrate the skin. Additionally, this concealer protects the skin from environmental pollutants. 

The price of this product is 24 dollars for a tube of .09 ounce. 


  • The mineral-based formula, gentle
  • Waterproof
  • Highly Pigmented


  • May not last more than 16 hours
  • Some people say that it does not offer full coverage
  • Only 15 shades.