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Best Cruises for First-Timers: Top 5

It is similar to an overwhelming undertaking when you are going to plan your first cruise. You have a lot of choices leading from the luxury yachts in the Mediterranean and party boats in the Caribbean to the expedition ships in Antarctica and river cruises in Asia. You must pay attention to what type of traveler you are and which kind of cruise vacation you need. Also, you must consider several other factors such as the length of the trip, the departure port, and the budget. 

So, how would you find out if the cruise is suitable for you and your needs? Here is a simple guide to search for the best cruise lines for the beginners or first-timers. 

Carnival Cruise Line:

Perfect for: Value hunters

This cruise is best for every cruiser, attracting a diverse spectrum of people who share a common trait. All they need to do is a super-fun escape without breaking the bank. The mix of the sizable fleet of Carnival focuses on famous destinations and dedication to the available 3 to 7-night itineraries present at regular deals and low prices. 

The cruises initiate at almost 80 dollars per night, per individual. The carnival cruise makes the cabins simple, with a lot of standard outsides and insides, and cannot go overboard with the additional fee of venues onboard. If you want to get the cruise within the best budget, you must not prefer the holiday period. 

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Perfect for: Luxury seekers

The Regent Seven Seas Cruise is among the most prominent brand of luxury. Its rates include the accommodations of all-suite (almost 98% with the balconies), food in speciality and main dining venues, gratuities, hotel stays and pre- and post-cruise tours, beverages from liquor to sodas and shore excursions. 

There are large-sized ships for luxury, which carry almost 490-750 people each – small to make the social atmosphere amazing as compared to a rush of the big ship. However, to prevent boredom, there are entertainment and dining venues, and spacious cabins all around. 

There are a lot of luxury touches, while it can be a butler in the exclusive premium bath facilities or the penthouse suite, considered by the L’Occitane line. 

Royal Caribbean International

Perfect for: Families with teens or tweens

The old children need special attention and distractions; the Royal Caribbean offers both of them. Based on the ship, there are volleyball courts, basketball, water slides, skydiving and surf simulators, inline and ice skating, ziplines, and rock-climbing walls for the teens and tweens to enjoy. 

The Royal Caribbean divides teens and tweens according to their specific age groups for its youth programs. Also, it includes the underage people such as the mini-adults with multiple amenities as the spa facilities; no-elder-allowed lounges, backstage tours of the ship; the teens-only casino nights; the DJ lessons; where they can enjoy, drink, dance, and socialize with their new friends when their parents are sleeping. 

Disney Cruise Line

Perfect for: Families having small kids

This place gets what little kids and their parents need on holidays, leading from dining to entertainment activities. The line is infrequent in the industry for meeting up the needs of the toddlers and babies; it offers nurseries for the little sailors for almost three years old and consists of a water-play area accessible to the diapered set. 

Also, the line of cruise fills the ships with amazing characters such as Cinderella, Goofy, Mickey, and many others, who entertain the young kids at spontaneous encounters and intentional events. The unique play areas have a theme after Pixar, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, with a diversity of interactive programming and high-technology gaming. 

Silversea Cruises

Perfect for: Mature Cruisers

The Upscale Silversea is a point of attraction for mature as well as dedicated travelers. There is all-inclusive pricing, which permits you to enjoy a fantastic experience without a lot of unpredicted costs. Also, several inclusions are included in the Silversea such as transportations, gratuities, spirits and wine, and room service, all things bundled into a single package. 

There are nine small ships of this line – with 100 to 596 people – are best for the guests looking for easy company as well as ideal for those with less mobility. Moreover, the itineraries of Silversea have access to ports worldwide. 

These are the best cruises for the first-timers. You can choose any of the above. But, it is also great to do your own in-depth research before picking anyone.