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Top 18 Caribbean Island Vacation Destinations

Do you know the Caribbean consists of the most attractive vacation destinations around the globe? It makes it famous with tourists all around the world. A lot of people are confused while deciding which island they should prefer.

Let us talk about the top 18 Caribbean islands so that you can get a complete insight and decide where you should go. 


This place consists of a variety of activities for the individuals of all the ages. At one side, it is quite family-friendly with a lot of resorts where families can stay along with the children. On the other hand, you can also see different activities for adults, for instance, nightlife and a diverse assortment of casinos. 

Guadeloupe Islands

In the Guadeloupe Islands, you can experience the French Caribbean. The place has 12 islands best for every kind of traveler whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, or with kids. Here, you can enjoy everything from relaxing on the beach to the deep-sea fishing. 

St. Lucia

It is renowned as one of the most attractive Caribbean islands. St. Lucia is a particularly famous place for the honeymooners. It consists of resorts, pristine beaches, landscape with mountains, and there are a lot of facilities there. This island is also known for its jazz festival, conducted in spring every year. 


Here, you will be greeted by the wafts of nutmeg and fresh Caribbean air. This place is best for all kinds of travelers while seeking for relaxation or adventure. You can snorkel, hike, and visit many historical sites of Grenada. Visit Anse Beach if you are searching for a place to soak up the sun. 


One of the most multifaceted islands of the Caribbean is Barbados, offering a diversity of activates and accommodations. It has a lot of place for the visitors’ stay according to every budget, and a variety of cultural activities and landscapes. You can enjoy going to Bridgetown, a lively city.

St. Barts

This place is also called St. Barths by the residents. It is the point full of luxury and relaxation. Due to this, a lot of socialites and celebrities continue visiting this paradise destination. If you are searching for a place where you can seek a sunny gateway, this location is best for you. 


This destination is famous for its beaches, and there are more than 30 where you can go. Anguilla is among the smallest islands of the Caribbean, hence you can see the complete island if you prefer going there for just a few days. It is best for those who are looking for less touristy and quiet experience to the Caribbean. 

St. John

Though St. John is among the Virgin Islands of the U.S., the citizens of U.S. can go there without any passport. Right now, there are some bargains on both St. John and St. Thomas; hence it is an excellent choice for the people on a fixed budget. Also, there is the best spot for snorkeling where you can go, and that place is Truck Bay. 

St. Maarten/ St. Martin

When Hurricane Irma stick in 2017, this place took a huge hit, however, luckily the island is completely restored to its natural beauty. This island offers a fantastic experience as you can enjoy three different cultures with the old native heritage. Also, there are multiple watersports where you can enjoy the best sunny vacations. 


It is renowned as the most beautiful place among the Caribbean island. This place has a strong influence on British, and you can still see multiple sites that can offer traditional afternoon tea. Also, it is easy to find the cricket matches. Bermuda is considered the best destination for golfers. 


The people who love natural beauty will enjoy their trip to Dominica. If you are looking for an adventure through sightseeing, snorkeling, and hiking or searching for relaxation, this destination is perfect for you. It is also home to 1 of 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Carribean, Morne Trois Pitons National Park. 


It is the smallest island present near the Barbuda it is known as the gambling destination and has a vast assortment of casinos. Also, it has a variety of exciting nightlife, which involve discos, cafes, and restaurants. The beaches are also beautiful, and you can find a lot of them, with both pink and white sand.

Grand Cayman

It is the largest of the Cayman Islands that includes nature, art, and culture to offer you a lifetime trip. The most famous attractions there are Seven Mile Beach and Stingray City, where you can enjoy your vacations and do different activities as well. 


This island is not much famous as compared to its surrounding places, and this is the thing that a lot of travelers find exciting. Perhaps, Vieques is the best island of Carribean, and less than 10,000 people are living there, giving it a deserted look. 


You may hear about the beautiful destination island of Curacao that provides with the urban centres within the Caribbean. It is the best place for visitors of all ages. You can enjoy the beaches, parks, shopping spree, and bustling nightlife. 

Puerto Rico

It is the place where the citizens of the U.S, do not need a passport to visit. It is a destination full of activities. The sites such as Ponce and San Juan offers different historical places along with nightlife and a portion of great food. 

St. Kitts

This destination is renowned for its black, white, and grey sands, rainforested mountains, and pristine beaches. This island is perfect for all kind of visitors whether you would like to enjoy on the beach or seek adventure through exciting activities. 


This destination is the attraction of multiple types of people. Some people visit to enjoy the wildlife and fantastic flora, including species of birds. Other prefer to see the famous Reggae music scene, which has its birth in this place.