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How to Cut the Cost of Shaving Up To 80 Percent?

Shaving is not a fast task, and it is also expensive. The price of shaving with the razors is up to 7,777 dollars in a year, which is quite shocking. These thousands of amount tossed in the trash right now. 

Do not go for these increased prices. In spite of this, you start to save on your razors – it can add almost 80% savings swiftly. 

Here are some ways by which you can save the cost of shaving supplies and razors. 


You can save on razors, razor blades, and shaving cream is to not purchase these products by going in the stores. In spite, you must shop online – particularly at the discount shops. 

In these years, more shaving stores with more discounts are online. Even, some are the clubs that offer the best-priced shaving products on a periodic schedule. From Harry’s Billie Razors to Dollar Shave Club to DorcoUSA, you can check all the disposable blades at least price. And, every discounted online vendor provides you with a diversity of shaving products, especially razor handles. 

If you switch towards an online retailer, it can cut the price of razors by almost 50%.

Let’s talk about some examples of how reasonable shaving products and razor blades are when you start shopping through a shave club or a discounted retailer:

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: sends the razor cartridges directly to the door for as less as 6 dollars in a month. You can change the frequency of the shipment and also add the shave lotion and butter for as little as 8 dollars. 

DORCOUSA.COM: deals with the disposable razors and blades that are like the options of popular drugstore brands. You can check out disposable razors for less than 1.50 dollars each and razors for less than 3 dollars per cartridge. 

GILLETTE SHAVE CLUB: ships the renowned brand-name razor blades in packs of 4 for 22.45 dollars for a month. 

HARRY’S: provides you with the entire starter shaving packs for almost 8 dollars. The shipments of 8 cartridges every month starting at 15 dollars. 

Hence, you should not shop at traditional stores for the razor blades. In spite of this, you can search on the internet to see which retailers can reduce your spending and assist in getting the same razors for the least amount. 


If you are exhausted from investing amount in two or more blade razor units, you must go for changing your razor. Choosing a different razor – one with a simple blade – can be low-priced. 

The double-sided safety razor is the best choice if you are searching to reduce the prices. Renowned as a safety razor, the razors existed from the 1880s and were famous till the 1970s. They were more used when most remarkable razors of different blades were made. Still, the double-sided safety razors are both a better way and less expensive to shave. 

Most men who utilize the safety razors says that they get a smoother and a closer shave when they use every time. It is quite easy to use, as the safety segment of this razor keeps you secure from hurting yourself. Usually, the safety razors cut less skin as compared to razors having multiple blades, which is best for your skin, as stated by Men’s Journal. 

So, shifting to the safety razors can give you a lot of benefits. You can check out for less than 10 cents per blade. In this way, you will invest almost 1/5th on the edges of safety razors, which can assist you in spending some dollars instead of thousands on monthly razors.


If you like to stick with the top brands of razor blades but do not need to pay 35 dollars each time you are going to buy a new item of replacements, you can also start searching for the savings. A lot of traditional and online retailers give savings for clients – however, if you know where to check for them and how. 

While you are purchasing the shaving supplies and razor blades online at the local store or a discounted retailer, you must search for the coupons first. Before you are going for shopping, you must check what discounts and tokens are available online. 

When you are searching online, you will see a lot of coupons. And, through these, you can avail discounts that can increase your savings. Let’s talk about some of the tokens available online. 

BIC: permits you to download the coupons to purchase the online razors or in the store. You can save almost 2 dollars discount on multiple blades. 

GILLETTE: provides you with the online coupon section, offering the customers for 3 dollars discount for new razors.

THE KRAZY COUPON LADY: gives you the latest section of the razor coupons for the FREE razors, the discounts between 2-4 dollars. 

The online retailers give discounts if you have a full bag of shopping. Also, if you have filled the card and waiting to checkout, you can find up to 20% discount in the inbox from DorcoUSA. 

Don’t forget that you have done your work correctly and see the deals, coupons, and savings before purchasing the expensive razors. 


There is no reason; you must purchase the entire cost for the shaving supplies, replacement blades, and razors. With the options mentioned above, you can have the new edges for less than 10 cents on every razor – and that can reduce your prices as much as 80%.

However, for scoring the significant savings, don’t forget to do an online search. You can easily find the new options like the shave clubs, discounted pricing, and coupons that meet your shaving needs reasonable and simple.