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Major Auto Makers Ramp Up Electric Car Price War

Nowadays, SUVs are the most famous vehicle on the roads of America. Besides, the drivers purchase more and more SUVs each month – around 2019, SUVs have contributed to 70% of all the latest sales of cars. However, as SUVs are so renowned, the automakers make the most recent models more costly. 

Consequently, the typical cost of the new car is almost 2%. However, what different individuals cannot understand is that a type of vehicle is reducing in cost. 

Though the other car can be more costly, the cost of electric vehicles is decreasing. Today, you can go for an eco-friendly and new electric vehicle at the steal of a price. And, they are predicted to be more inexpensive. 


While a lot of individuals see the electric vehicles as high-prices, they are now becoming cheaper and affordable as compared to the other gas-powered cars. 

The costs of the electric vehicles have reduced from 64,300 dollars in 2018 to 55,600 dollars in 2019, as per the information examined by Cox Automotive. There is a reduction of more than 13% in only one year. 

A significant reason for the more consistent trend is the Tesla Model 3. The most affordable option of Tesla, the Model 3, trades for 38,990 dollars. And, it’s before any enticements are included in.

With the advancements in technology and the popularity of electric vehicles, there is a continuous fall in the prices. As Tesla is now the dominant thing of the electric market, it introduces more pocket-friendly and affordable options with time, the other constructors are being enforced to cut their costs. 

And along with this, the price war of electric vehicles is heating up between the makers. While Tesla is now the leader, the dominant names such as General Motors and Daimler have broadcasted that they can reduce the prices and increasing the sales of electric cars. 


Most of the great names in the auto industry enter the EV price war, publicizing the price reductions and new cars at fewer price points. 

GM, which makes the famous Chevrolet Volt-plug-in hybrid, declared the price reduction of 5,000 dollars on the new models of Volt. It will cut the price tag of combination considerably, making it a more inexpensive competitor to the Model 3 of Tesla. 

And, Daimler is providing price reductions for every individual who requires leasing the latest EV. The Daimler Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will be present for a less price every month, under 200 dollars. With this least price, Smart also gives rebates that will cut the cost for a person who requires buying the Smart Fortwo ED. 

Also, Nissan is involved in the price war, attempting to put the spotlight on its famous Leaf. The Nissan lead models have gained benefits from the price reductions in the years past, and the maker is indicating no symptoms of reducing the discounts. 


The price war between the automakers heats up and causes the price of a new electric car to reduce intensely. However, reasonably costs are not the end of discounts. 

On top of the manufacturer discounts, the new purchasers of vehicles pick the electric cars even more appreciation to the great incentives. The government of the United States agrees with the credits and incentives to a person who purchases an electric vehicle. And on top of it, you can save money on auto insurance and utility bills. 

Here are some of the extra incentives EV owners will love:


A person who purchases the hybrid or electric car can get the tax credit, which is in the range of 2500 -7500 dollars. You can check the tax credit after buying the vehicle. However, it reduces your overall buying cost and price. 


Most of the utility firms around the country provide unique incentives and rates for the people who own EVs. It is intended for owning an electric car easier and power; the individual costs decrease the time-of-use prices and lower the powering value of your vehicle.

Also, there are other savings your firm may offer for EVs. For instance, Southern California Edison gives a 1,000 dollars Clean Fuel Reward for owners of EV with the extra incentives for the installation of a charging station. 


The auto insurance is the cost no owner can deny. However, if you buy an electric car, you can save money each month. Significant insurance firms, which include Farmers, provide discounts of 5% for an individual who owns a hybrid or an EV.


There are discounts and incentives present for electric vehicles all around. And, as the price war increases in the automakers, you can check the local dealerships providing fantastic concessions, more incentives, and low prices. 

However, auto manufacturers start to offer the best deals on electric vehicles; you can do your search for finding reasonable prices. And a great way is to do online research. 

Most of the time, the automakers place the best online deals so they can appeal to more clients. Hence, an online search for the electric car incentives, offers, and prices will assist you in seeing both the individual and manufacturer dealership options. You can compare and check out the most affordable and best price EVs.